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Committed , Reliable & Responsible Integrated Printing & Binding Services
Who are we

Shotech is a leading provider of integrated printing and binding services with quality, speed, and other top notch services. We are an integrated print solution with distinguished services such as binding, offset printing, packaging and many more.


Our ground area of 13400 square feet holds several reputable departments, with remarkable machineries, that work around the clock on weekdays, and a capacity of 55 industrious workers. We are recognized for our services and products, with notable clients such as American Express, and government projects, such as that of the Apec Summit in 2009.


We provide services that are exceptional and hard to find in most places. Our departments include the sales and creative department, where ideas are conceived and are challenged. The color proofing department ensures that colors of the forthcoming products are are right before they are sent for mass printing.


Shotech also holds an offset printing department and a lamination room. There is also the stippling machine room, a department specialized in cutting, and a sorting machine. The packaging department then ensures the final products are in their finest condition before they are sent out.


Shotech Press’ notable service is that it is able to provide quality and quantity of the products to meet clients’ datelines. One of our most esteemed machine would be the latest Heidelberg machine which has capabilities unlike any other. Shotech is the first printing press in Asia Pacific to own it. It is capable of up to 16,000 sheets in an hour.